Why Should Investors Incorporate a Business in Dubai Free Zones?

Many entrepreneurs and investors looking forward to establishing their business setup in Dubai, mainly for the benefits the UAE government offers. With the incredible benefits of free zones, Dubai and other cities in UAE becomes the most preferred destination for starting new ventures.

What is a free zone?

Free Zones are geographic areas within UAE where goods, services, and commodities may be traded without the intervention of stringent customs regulations. In most Free Zones, companies are taxed minimally or sometimes even fully exempted, to encourage economic activity.

Here are the main benefits of getting Dubai free zone company registration:


When you set up your business in Dubai you can enjoy the 100% ownership of your company without the aid of UAE sponsor.

Tax Exemptions

The liberal free zone company policies in Dubai allow exemption from personal income tax and capital gain taxes. With the no liability of taxes, you can get most capital and profits from the business. The Dubai free zones alleviate its companies to get minimal Import/Export duty and Zero percent corporate tax.


The business can enjoy complete confidentiality as there is no legal compulsion to maintain a public registration of directors and shareholders.

Ease of Doing Business

Dubai free zone company setup offerscustomizable business solutions and the UAE business structure offers greater flexibility. Investors in the free zone largely benefit from state-of-the-art business infrastructure, fast and efficient client support services and cost-effective business packages. Free zone authorities offer premier investment platforms where clients can experience complete ease in doing business.

Free zone company registration in Dubai is quicker than incorporation outside in the city. UAE government provides these benefits and encourages the businesses activities to grow their country economically. With all these privileges Dubai free zones are an ideal investment opportunity for setting up businesses.