Why is Dubai considered as the best place to setup an offshore company

With a stabilized economy, state-of-the-art infrastructure and a business friendly environment, Dubai is among the leading international lands where setting up an offshore company is a sure-shot profitable venture. Most MNCs, because of this destination’s prominent advantages, are making their entry in Dubai.

Taking into account such increasing foreign settlement in the Dubai, the Emirates government as established international standards of trade and commerce to enhance the business activities and the living standards of the people.

Free Zone company formation provides an ideal route to support foreign businessmen on a large scale to set up offshore companies in Dubai. The Dubai Free Zone is a tax free zone which allows businesses to operate freely without paying any taxes on incomes and profits incurred. In addition to these, no business partners or stakeholders are required for registering an offshore company in Dubai.

Along with the above mentioned benefits, here are a lot of other benefits of establishing an offshore company in Dubai: –

100 per cent foreign ownership

Owned premises on leased land can be mortgaged

Zero corporate tax for 50 years

Autonomy to repatriate capital and income in total

No personal taxes

No import duties

No currency restrictions

No bureaucratic red-tapism

Quick communication methods

State-of-art infrastructure

Attractive business prospects

Great work environment

Low operating costs

One of the biggest advantages of setting up of an offshore company in Dubai is the easy registration process. Often, foreign businesses face problems during the setup as they lack proper information and knowledge about UAE commercial laws and the appropriate licenses required. Therefore, it is best to hire a business consultant in Dubai who can help in easy establishment of your new offshore company. The business consultant cannot only help you register the offshore company, but also guide you through other essential business processes and take care of all the legal formalities involved. Set up your own offshore company in Dubai, one of the most business friendly Emirates nations, to have a conducive environment for business growth and eventually expanding its global presence.