UAE Tourist Visa Changes and Entry Permits

The UAE is now offering visitors a variety of visa types. The visas are being offered for diverse visit purposes and these need not require a host or sponsor. A major advantage of these visa types is the flexible duration it provides, which gives the visitors sufficient time to fulfill their requirements and purpose of the visit.

Below given is the list of new entry permits and tourist visa changes;

Visit visa

The new visit visa will be effective from September 2022 and will permit a stay of 60 days. Till now, visitors could stay only up to 30 days with this type of visa.

Multi-entry tourist visa

The country is all set to introduce five-years multi-entry tourist visa. This new visa can be availed without a sponsor provided the applicant has bank balance of $4,000 (or equivalent amount in other currency) during the 6 months prior to applying for the visa. Visitors can reside in the country for 90 consecutive days, but the entire duration of stay must not exceed 180 days in a year.

Job exploration entry visa

Job exploration entry visas are given to people classified in the first or second or third skill level as per the Ministry of Human Resources and Emiratization and fresh graduates from the best 500 universities across the globe. The minimum qualification to apply for this type of visa a Bachelor’s degree or its equivalent.

Business entry visa

Business entry visa gives an opportunity to investors and entrepreneurs to explore and make use of the diverse business and investment opportunities in the country.

Entry permit to visit relatives or friends

Relatives or friends of UAE citizens or residents can apply for this type of visa, without any sponsor or host.

Entry permit for study and training

People attending training and courses and/or participating in internship programmes can apply for this type of visa, upon providing a letter from the university or educational or research institutions, mentioning the details about the programme and its duration.

Entry permit for a temporary work mission

People planning to visit UAE for a temporary work assignment such as probation testing or a project-based mission must avail this type of visa. These visas are sponsored by the employer and to apply for this, a temporary work contract or a letter from the employer specifying the reason for the visit and proof of health and fitness to work is required.

The UAE has been rolling out numerous reforms and policies to make it an expat-friendly country.  With the amendments in tourist visas and the introduction of various entry permits, more ex-pats are expected to make their way into the UAE, which will prove to be a boon to the country in the long run.