UAE Tops The List of Best Places to Start Business in 2022

The UAE is one among the best countries to do business and this has been officially confirmed by the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor’s (GEM) 2022 report.  As per the report, the UAE is the first nation that comes in the list of best countries for entrepreneurs. The country has been successful in achieving this title by outperforming other major nations that include Netherlands and Finland.

The Global Entrepreneurship Monitor prepares an assessment report annually based on studies conducted to analyze the business environment for entrepreneurs across different nations. The research looks into the encouragement countries provide to new businesses, which are of interest to not just entrepreneurs, but policymakers as well. Based on this and various other factors, the report is generated. The research also discusses about the relevance of the rule of law and education systems in supporting entrepreneurship.

The NECI score of UAE was 6.8 and the country has also shown great improvement in 11 out if the 13 framework conditions, which has helped it secure the first position. “This could be due to a combination of reasons, including the country hosting high-profile entrepreneurship promotion events such as Expo 2020,” the GEM report stated.

Providing the required help and assistance to new businesses during difficult times and supporting women entrepreneurs are significant factors that contribute to entrepreneurship enhancement. UAE has been successful in both these areas; the government had come up with many initiatives to help new businesses during the pandemic and has also supported women entrepreneurship via different business packages.

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