UAE Introduces five-year multi-use visa for Tourists

UAE has introduced a five-year multi-use visa for tourists of all nationalities, and this will be implemented in the next four months.

With the new scheme, a significant rise is expected in the tourism and real estate revenue of the country, as more people will start visiting the country and for longer durations. UAE currently provides a 90 days multi entry visa to tourists and if they wish to visit the country after the 90-day period, they need to apply again. But, with the 5-year visa initiative, people will find it much easier as they do not need to apply for visa for every visit. This will reduce the regulations and money involved in the process.

UAE is one among the most preferred tourist destinations in the world, where people flock to from various parts of the world. More than 21 million tourists visit UAE annually and around 25 million visitors are expected to be a part of Expo 2020. Expo will begin in the month of October.

Apart form being a favourable tourist destination, UAE is one among the best places to establish and flourish your business. The government of the country comes up with various plans occasionally to ease the process of doing business in UAE. 2020 will turn out to be vital year for the country, with diverse new strategies aimed at the welfare of the country and people in general.