UAE Golden Visa Holders to Receive Discount Card

The UAE’s long-term Green and Golden Visa holders will be provided with the Esaad card, issued by the government of the country. The card was previously available only to selected government employees and via this card, people can access offers and discounts to thousands of businesses across 92 countries.

The card is issued by the Dubai Police and it provides numerous benefits across several lifestyle options, with the intention to improve the quality of life.

Selected categories of UAE Golden Visa holders will be provided with the Esaad card and these categories are given below:

  1. Investors in public investment funds
  2. Real estate investors
  3. Entrepreneurs
  4. People with specialised talents
  5. Researchers in science and knowledge, such as scientists, doctors, specialists, inventors
  6. Creative people in culture and art.
  7. Executive directors
  8. Specialised academics
  9. Professional sportspeople
  10. PhD degree holders specialising in engineering or science
  11. Humanitarian aid workers
  12. Outstanding university and high-school graduates

“This initiative supports the leadership’s vision to make Dubai the world’s best city to live in. It also aligns with their directives to provide Golden residency holders with a range of incentives in addition to the stability that the long-term visa offers,” said Abdulla Mohammad Al Basti, secretary general of Dubai’s Executive Council.

Ever since the UAE government announced the long-term residency scheme, 65,000 Golden visas were issued, mainly to investors, scientists, and doctors, and people in the creative industry.

The Golden Visa system in the UAE is one among the most discussed topics across the globe that has received the attention of millions of people.  It plays a significant role in attracting top talents and investors from all over the world. “The directive reflects the leadership’s vision to make the UAE a hub of innovation and a destination for innovators, creatives, and entrepreneurs to thrive. Long-term Golden Visas for select categories of residents offer them and their families the stability to succeed in an empowering environment,” said Dubai Police’s Commander-in-chief Abdullah Khalifa Al Marri.