Trade License

A Trade license is mandatory to conduct any form of business in the UAE. The UAE economic department issues trade licenses and the procedures of licensing vary from one emirate to another. Licenses in UAE can be divided into three;

Commercial licenses covering all kinds of trading activity. The type of activities that come under the commercial license are:

Import and export activities

Sale of electronic products

Real estate service

Supply of brokerage service

Sale of construction material


Auto vehicle rental business

Travel & tourism

General stores and shops, etc

Professional   licenses
The activities covered under professional license are:



Consultancy services

Medical services

Printing and publishing

Beauty salons

Computer graphic design service

Repair services

Security services

Document clearing, etc.

Industrial licenses 

for establishing industrial or manufacturing activity.
Some of the sectors which fall under this category are:

Bread manufacturing and food industries

Textile manufacturing

Casting of metals industries

Equipment and engines manufacturing

Manufacture of petroleum products

Paper manufacturing

Carrying out business without a trade license is illegal in UAE and is subject to penalties. In addition, the license needs to be renewed every year.  One can apply for license renewal via various mediums such as e-Services, mobile application, authorized law firms, and authorized service centers. Following the submission of the application, a payment voucher will be allotted. You will receive the renewed license once you make the payment.

One can change their sponsor and business address, if required, at the time of trade license renewal. Trade license renewal requires you to have certain essential documents that include a typed BR/1 form, Ejari Registration Certificate and a photocopy of Tenancy Contract, photocopy of the current business trade license and passport photocopies of all the business partners.

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