Tips to maintain the Company Culture Virtually

COVID-19 has caused serious trouble to all the sectors across the world. Every organisation had to either shut down or had to find other measures for survival. A majority of the organizations has shifted their “modus operandi” to online/ digital mode. The work from home culture has become the new normal. When the employees are working within their most comforted zones, some organisations are planning to continue with the work from home culture.

When the team members are being dispersed geographically and are united virtually, it is important to maintain the company culture to keep the employees motivated which will eventually increase their productivity. Some of the below mentioned techniques will ensure in maintaining a close relation between the employer and the employees.

1) Effective communication

As the situation demands us to stay apart, the only way to stay connected is virtual meetings. Make use of the available technologies to the fullest, by engaging in conference calls. Effective communication is highly necessary as personal meetings are impossible under the present scenario. Some normal conversations in between meetings will also increase the employee-employer relations.

2) Create a virtual workplace

The organisations should ensure that the employees are provided with the necessary requirements to work from home and that they are well trained for the same. A virtual workplace should be created for them to share their works, ideas and plans. These platforms will keep them motivated and help in answering the questions regarding the new work environment and will keep the employees accountable.

3) Provide them space

The new work culture should not be a barrier to maintain a quality family time. It is important to consider everyone’s’ convenience for conference calls as they may have other family engagements. Tips to maintain a balance between work and family life will also increase the productivity of the employees.

4) Introduce flexible timings

As the pandemic took over the world and with the schools and daycares closed, remote working at usual office hours may not be feasible for the employees. If flexible timings are introduced as an addition to the new work culture, it will be a great benefit for the employees to increase their productivity and also to maintain their family time.

Even as COVID-19 swallowed the normal life of the people, we have all adjusted to the changes to overcome a global pandemic. These changes were introduced for a better tomorrow and may last for a lifetime as many organisations are planning to do so. The remote work culture has proven to be a success, as majority of the employees prefer to work within their comfort zones and has shown to be more productive. The virtual world has connected the people by all means and has also enabled them to be technologically aware.