The UAE’s New Integrated “EMARA TAX” Platform to be launched by FTA

The UAE Federal Tax Authority (FTA) is planning to launch EmaraTax, a new integrated platform, in December 2022. This platform will considerably improve how taxpayers may utilize the authority’s offerings. Taxpaying enterprises must follow the advancement of the new portal since they must switch from the present FTA site to the EmaraTax platform.

Main Goal of EmaraTax Platform

The EmaraTax platform was created by the FTA in the UAE after thorough research and discussion. EmaraTax, which was developed in accordance with the UAE’s nationwide digital strategy, is a representation of the FTA’s aspiration to be a prominent, digitalized tax authority.

The FTA can provide effective tax administration, quicker decision-making, and early contact with taxpayers who need help with the introduction of the EmaraTax. However, the main goal of the EmaraTax is to make it possible for taxable individuals to more efficiently assure tax administration in the UAE.

Applying for Tax Refunds in the UAE Via EmaraTax

The FTA has told the taxpayers to continue filing tax returns and paying their obligations as normal. Any significant developments affecting tax returns and payments will be announced by the FTA through emails or its social media pages.

All of your details, particularly active refund applications, will be shown by EmaraTax. A better method is available for those who qualify for VAT refunds in the UAE to apply for reimbursements. Using EmaraTax, they can file and monitor the progress of their refund request in a more convenient manner.

Road ahead for taxpayers

The FTA may provide directives on the EmaraTax, so taxpayers must constantly monitor their linked email accounts for any such messages. Current tax registrants are not required to sign up because their accounts will be immediately transferred to the new structure. Individuals without such an FTA account must register for an EmaraTax account.

Bottom Line

Once the EmaraTax platform is operational, taxpayers will have access to a sophisticated system to guarantee tax compliance in the UAE. Businesses should be fully aware of the functions and characteristics of the EmaraTax platform since all the operations presently offered by the FTA will shortly be exclusively available through it. Taxpayers can easily switch to the new platform with help from tax professionals in Dubai.