Sharjah Publishing City Positioning as Global Hub for Businesses

Over the years, the United Arab Emirates has become a popular tourist destination for visitors from all over the world. Sharjah, a significant area of the Gulf region, is the city that has long been at the center of the UAE’s publishing and media business. The ongoing Sharjah International book fair is gaining attention globally as people are flocking into the region to witness and participate in the world’s largest book fair. All of these aspects demonstrate that Sharjah has a booming book industry, and enterprises who want to set up operations here will profit from the fact that they will be completely independent and protected.

Sharjah Publishing City (SPC) Free Zone, which opened in 2017, is the world’s first free zone development project dedicated only to the worldwide publishing and printing industry. Sharjah Publishing City provides a variety of options for the book market by leveraging tax-free incentives. The Sharjah Book Authority, a component of the Sharjah government in charge of initiatives relating to the ruler’s visionary aims for the Emirate, is now in charge of it.

The Sharjah Publishing City Free Zone, with its cutting-edge layout, cost-effective activities and well-developed structure is ideal for business owners looking to start a company. It provides a plethora of benefits to empower them, including the following:

100 percent business ownership, full capital repatriation and zero percent taxation.

With access to all other emirates, Gulf Corporation nations, and seaports and airports, this is an excellent strategic position.

A wide range of commercial operations in the publishing, offset, and POD printing industries.

There are no currency limits and it offers single window platform for public services, business registration, and licensing.

There are several amenities available, including furnished and unfurnished offices, as well as storage.

The government has carefully crafted and extensively maintained an environment that allows enterprises to prosper.

What are the steps for company formation in Sharjah Publishing City?

The Sharjah publishing city free zone provides enormous prospects for investors who profit from the fact that it is entirely owned and controlled by its own people. It creates an environment that encourages rapid expansion and aids in accessing markets with excellent interconnectivity. Let’s delve into the steps of forming a company in SPC.

To obtain a business license, first choose a business activity.

Pick a good trading name related with your business activity.

Next, acquire the Sharjah Department of Economic Development’s initial clearance.

Provide documentation for business registration to the relevant authority.

Make an application for a business license.

Receive a Certificate of Registration and a Business License once your application has been evaluated and verified.

In this rapidly changing modern digital era, SPC as a flagship free zone attempts to give the highest quality of service while understanding and eliminating risks that business owners have while beginning a new business. The Sharjah publishing city free zone creates a business-friendly atmosphere in which a publisher can optimize business and contribute to the vibrant regional and national publishing landscape.

In the present demanding business climate, using the assistance of a competent service-providing firm to register a company in Sharjah will make the purpose of forming companies proceed more easily and quickly.

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