Sharjah Free Zone Company Formation

Sharjah is considered the cultural capital of the United Arab Emirates and is also the third most populous and largest city. For a company or Individual with an interest in setting up a business in Sharjah, then free zones are the primary solution en route to success. There are approximately 50 free zones operating in the UAE catering to several sectors which offer investors a wide range of business activities and license types at affordable cost. Let’s have a look into some of the major free zones based in the Emirate of Sharjah.

Sharjah Free Zone Company Formation

Major Free Zones in Sharjah

Sharjah Airport International Free Zone (SAIF Zone)

It is one of the most exclusive free zones available in the UAE and a sought-after alternative for business ventures around the globe. SAIF zone offers a sufficient workforce for businesses to support their production and operations. It also carries the tagline of the world’s first ISO 9001 certified free zone and the ease of transportation due to strategic location makes it suitable for logistic purposes too.

Hamriyah Freezone

Established in the year 1995, Hamriya free zone is becoming an integral part of the global market. Top-notch telecommunications infrastructure and well-connected road network ensure this free zone is a prime location for oil and gas companies. This free zone provides business incentives and a tax-free environment for businesses to flourish.

Sharjah Media City Freezone (SHAMS)

Launched in January 2017, this newbie free zone is mainly dedicated to the growth of the creative and media sector. SHAMS offers licenses for umpteen business activities and it currently hosts companies from more than 160 countries at affordable rates. SHAMS sets up benchmark for service and support to entrepreneurs who wish to start their business and surge its growth plan.

Benefits of Sharjah Free Zone Company Formation

Sharjah Free zones are emerging as the most desirable choice for entrepreneurs due to its budget-friendly activities and highly developed infrastructure making it one of its kind.

Most of the free zones support ancillary services such as medical, legal, and immigration processes. The local Government of Sharjah also offers a hands-on approach to young startups and entrepreneurs planning for an expansion in their business.

Fully owned foreign ownership: Provides solo ownership without any involvement of local sponsors or service agents

100% repatriation of capital and profits allowed: Sharjah free zones allow foreign investors to transfer money back to their native land

Corporate tax, Import/export tax, customs duties are exempted: Companies residing within the free zones are exempted from the taxes

Top Notch Infrastructure: Well-connected networks with strong construction platforms make it fertile for businesses to flourish

Hassle-free Accessibility: Sharjah free zones provide easy access to ports and airports

Abundance of the workforce: Inexpensive workforce and favorable conditions are the advantages of Sharjah free zones.

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