Role of Business Setup Consultants in the formation of a Limited Liability Company in Dubai

An entrepreneur is always in search of tax haven that would allow him to incur maximum profit by conducting the business.  Among many global destinations, Dubai is one of the most popular countries that are known for their low taxation policies. There are numerous types of business formation in Dubai that include LLC, Offshore Company, Free Trade Zone Company.

Why Form a Limited Liability Company?

Apart from all the other forms of business setup, one should prefer forming a limited liability Company. The benefits of LLC company formation UAE are mentioned below:

100% repatriation of profits and capital with the organization.

Ability to open and maintain liberal bank accounts.

Ability to commence branches in Dubai

Eligibility  to hold multiple offices and properties in the UAE

The UAE residence visas to the investors

Forming a Limited Liability Company in Dubai

To form LLC in Dubai one needs to have the following things:

Choose a company name that will be used to conduct business.

Frame Memorandum of Association (MoA) of the company.

Get Commercial Registration.

These are the basic steps of LLC company formation in Dubai and there are other intricate steps to be followed. So, for successful company incorporation, one should consider seeking the services of business setup consultants.

Role of business setup consultants in LLC company formation Dubai

Forming an LLC in Dubai is a potential setup in enhancing your business. However, to do so, one would need to put together several things for the successful LLC registration in Dubai. But being a foreigner, one might face numerous difficulties in doing so. So, it would be in the best interest to seek the services of consultants for a smooth LLC company formation in Dubai.

The business setup consultants perform the following functions:

Help find a local UAE national as the 51% shareholder.

Provides assistance in identifying office space suitable for business setup.

Ensuring that all the approvals and incorporation procedures are in place.

Plays a major role in opening bank accounts in the fastest time possible.

Providing full-spectrum of support service.

Assistance in arranging residence visa for the investor.