Role of a Dubai Business Consultancy

With a number of investment laws, regulations and incentives that are continuously improving, the Dubai government greatly welcomes foreign business investments, and their restrictions are amongst the most liberal in the world. Commercial agency arrangements, direct sale, branch or representative offices, limited liability companies and special free zone investments are some of the various business models that the Dubai government offers foreign investors. There are a number of factors that have to be considered before setting up a business in Dubai. This includes a good knowledge of the area as well as in most cases the involvement of a local entity (this is not required in free zone and offshore companies).

To venture into what is basically a new territory, any assistance received makes a lot of difference. Some of the various kinds of services offered by a Dubai Business consultancy are:

Formation Services

This includes all the services which are required for setting up a business under Establishment, LLC, Professional, Industrial, etc., as well as all the other legal procedures which are required for the formation of a Company in Dubai

Initial Approval from the concerned Ministries and Departments

Name and business activity approval

Company license registration

Other approvals

Arrangement of local sponsors and partners.

Drafting of all legal documents for the registration process

Office space solutions

Bank account setup

Registration of trademarks and patents.

Free Zone Company Formation

Free Trade Zones in Dubai are specially designated area dedicated to promoting export trade and opening the home economy to outside world. With a number of additional advantages, free zone companies allow 100% foreign ownerships.

Consultancy for Marketing and Management

A good marketing strategy is one of the key determinants for a company’s success. Services by a Dubai business consultancy in this field include:

Strategy planning


Product launches

Sales plan management

Business Plan

Feasibility studies, project reports and business plans are all part of running a successful business. The common steps of a good business plan include:

Assessing the market for business idea.

Estimating the basic financial feasibility of business.

Identifying common pitfalls that might be encountered.

Offshore Company Formation

An offshore company is incorporated for the purpose of operating outside the country where it is registered, or is the residence of its directors, beneficial owners, and shareholders. The main reason being to realize various financial, legal, and / or tax benefits. The steps of formation of an offshore company are:

Select a business activity and legal form

Choose a trade name

Submit an application for Initial Approval Certificate

Prepare a Memorandum of Association

Decide on a business location

Get licensing approved

Obtaining other legal documents – Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificates and Tenancy Agreement.

Recruit Workforce

Apart from the mentioned services, there are also bookkeeping services, organizational restructuring services, auditing and assurance services, payroll outsourcing services, HR recruitment, and so on, and with all these you can choose the assistance of Dubai consultancy services to help ease the transition into a new territory.