Professional Company Formation

Entrepreneurs and foreign investors can establish a partnership agency in the UAE to continue their professional operations and practice. In Dubai, a professional firm is one that runs only on the intellectual efforts of its partners. The incorporators of a Professional Firm in Dubai will have 100 % foreign ownership. These firms are allowed to participate in professional or creative activity and have complete control over their operations in the businesses.

Professional Company Formation

Setting up Professional Firms in Dubai

A Professional Firm is a company formed under the UAE Civil Code with the primary goal of practicing a profession, and in which the incorporator places a greater emphasis on their professional activities than on benefitting from the business of those affiliated with them. A Professional firm in Dubai can be entirely owned by expatriate shareholders, with a service agent who does not own shares in the company but may be paid a fixed annual fee to function as the service agent.

Advantages of a Professional Firm in UAE

100% repatriation of profits and capital

No personal income or capital taxes to be paid

No corporate taxes applicable

Hassle free recruitment process

Adequate supply of workforce and energy supplies

No currency restrictions

Our Services

Complete registration procedure

Obtaining a professional license

Finding a qualified and suitable local agent

Assisting in bank account openings and visa formalities

Service agent agreement

At Carvy Consultants, our solid and comprehensive knowledge with competence and extensive experience enable us to quickly grasp the demands and needs of your company. We guarantee that you will receive the most cost-effective and convenient alternative for establishing a professional firm.

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