Professional Auditing services gaining attention in UAE

An audit determines if a business is providing a fair and appropriate view of its financial presentation and status. A year-end audit service in the UAE is critical for decision-making in a business. It can provide assurance about the accuracy of records or expose routine mistakes that occur on a regular basis.

It has been declared essential for all licensed businesses to employ an auditor by the Ministry of Economy (MoE). The auditing service performs procedures to determine whether the financial statements are free of errors and fraud.

What is the purpose of the auditing service?
Corporate governance evaluation

Examining account balances and transactions

Examining and verifying the authenticity of the account statements

Checking how the company operates and discloses its revenues, as well as looking for any evidence of manipulation or fraud.

The service can also include recommendations for enhancing the quality of financial reporting and implementing controls that will help the organisation perform faster and more effectively at the end of the audit.

All mainland firms are required to have their financial statements audited under the Commercial Companies Law. These businesses must retain their financial records for a minimum of five years.

Companies operating in free zones are required to undergo auditing. Companies must present an audit report to the free zone authorities. Free zone companies (FZCO) and free zone enterprises are included. Even though free zone authorities do not mandate the production of an audit report for specific enterprises, they must not disregard the fact that the company itself should have an audit report produced.

Problems are identified

Leadership will be in a stronger place to grasp the financial status of the firm and to foresee any emerging outcomes the company may encounter if auditing services are used.

Business Demand

A comprehensive auditing service is not available to many small and medium sized firms. An audit of the firm should be conducted by a third party by the administration in order to obtain correct and reliable financial information about the business.

Borrowers’ and Sellers’ Needs

Both creditors and sellers want the company’s audited financial accounts in order to comprehend the company’s current status and take appropriate actions.

Different Types of Auditing
External Audit

External auditing enhances internal standards, allowing them to spot flaws in accounting frameworks and provide recommendations.

External auditing acts as a strong pillar, which ensures that your files are free of material error or neglect, ensuring that you will be successful in the long term.

Internal Audit

Prior to the external audit, internal auditing identifies mistakes. So, presumably, by the time an external audit happens, the management will have remedied those flaws.

Internal audits aid in the proper analysis of many aspects of the firm. In each situation when issues arise, the inside auditor can use appropriate methods to determine what isn’t really being handled right.


We are all aware of the necessity of auditing a business in this rapidly evolving business climate. An auditing service in the UAE will give more detailed and reliable information for any business, regardless of its size.

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