RAK Offshore Company Formation

The RAK (Ras Al Khaimah) Offshore, one of the leading offshore jurisdictions in the UAE, was incorporated in 2006. With the best business friendly environment and with the highest level of industrialization in the nation, RAK offshore is the best suitable place to set up your company. The cost of doing business in RAK is way less when compared to the rest of UAE.

RAK Offshore Company Formation

RAK Company Formation


The companies in RAK offshore function under the Ras Al Khaimah Free Trade Zone Authority International Companies Regulations of 2006.

What is an offshore company?

Offshore companies are legal entities that are set up with the intention of operating in a jurisdiction outside its registration. Offshore companies are usually incorporated to have tax advantages.

How does an offshore company benefit the investors?

Offshore companies are set up with the aim to minimize the taxes; along with this an offshore company structure offers numerous benefits to the investors:

Offshore company is a gateway to international market expansion
UAE is a business-friendly nation; with the offshore company structure it opens up unending opportunities to access the legal systems in UAE
100% tax-free
Access to global funding
High confidentiality of information and protection of assets

The UAE’s double tax treaty has added to the benefits the investors receive from investing in the country. RAK and JAFZA being the only two jurisdictions that are free of taxes have more investors coming in than the rest. RAK being closer to the Emirate of Dubai, is the most preferred location for the incorporation of offshore companies.

RAK offshore has a set of advantages it offers to the investors:

100% business ownership to foreign expatriates
0% corporate income tax
Complete confidentiality of the assets and information
Modern offshore legislation
Multi-currency bank accounts
Names of the company directors and shareholders need not be disclosed in a public register
No foreign currency restrictions
100% repatriation of profits and capital
Only one director is required for an offshore company
Minimum cost for setting up a business

Documents required to set up an offshore company in UAE:

Certified passport copies of the shareholders and directors
Address proof documents
Curriculum Vitae of every shareholder
Minimum 3 proposed names for the company
Bank reference

In order to complete RAK offshore company set up, a registered agent approved by the authority is a must. The agent has to be located within the free zone or in UAE.

Carvy is a RAK offshore registered agent who can help you in setting up your company. We are one of the leading offshore business consultants in UAE. Our business consultant experts look deep into the needs of our clients and offer them with solutions to minimize taxes, protect assets and to limit their liabilities. Carvy takes in extra effort to assist our clients in incorporating their businesses at the different offshore centers across UAE.

We offer services required for setting up an offshore company beginning with:

Registered Office with PO Box

Registered agent

Preparing the Memorandum and Articles of Association

Preparation of registration forms

Assistance in obtaining Incorporation Certificate

Assistance in opening a multi-currency bank account

Filing with the registrar of Companies

Carvy has had years of experience working in the company incorporation and business consultancy field which helps us in understanding the requirements of our clients and serving them in the best possible way. Our experts will aid you in choosing the right options suitable for your business and will help you in setting it up at an affordable and hassle-freeway.

We at Carvy desire to see our clients attain their goals and we extend our whole hearted support in fulfilling your dreams.

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