Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

UAE has been attracting foreign investors with its tax-free business territory status and world-class infrastructure. With its unending efforts of creating a business-friendly environment, the country is opening up numerous opportunities for the world around.

Offshore Company Formation in Dubai

Being one of the leading business hubs across the globe, Dubai has been luring investors with its government policies, life style, confidentiality, operations and infrastructure. Setting up an offshore company in Dubai will be made easier with the right partner to back you up. Carvy Consultants is one of the best business consultancy organizations in UAE with extensive experience in the industry.

Before setting up an offshore company, one must know of the varied opportunities that awaits. The major offshores in UAE are:

Jafza Offshore

RAK Offshore

Ajman Offshore

BVI Offshore

The benefit of setting up an offshore company in UAE has always been its tax free business territory; there are more to it:

Minimization of taxes
Reduced administration
Asset protection
Lower setup and maintenance costs
Lower capital requirement
Completely tax free and customs duty free
Full ownership, no local national involvement required
Complete repatriation of profits and investments
Ideal for any kind of international business
No office space required
Liberal bank account opening and maintaining
Multi-currency bank accounts
Quick incorporation – 2-3 working days

The offshore companies in UAE are not issued with licenses and does not follow the local rules of governance unlike other companies set up in UAE. The offshore companies are only given certificates of incorporation and is governed by international law. All the assets and properties of the offshore companies are offered with complete protection and 100% money repatriation.

Why choose Carvy?

Setting up a business requires a lot of research, about the market, the possibilities, scope, the location, ideal business type and finally the procedures involved. If you are a foreign investor, it might be wise to choose a business consultant with ample knowledge about the country, its government rules, policies and regulations. A company formation service provider will help you deal with all the consequences and will be your constant support system in times of need. Carvy Consultants can help you choose the right options which can benefit the future of your business. We offer the best business consultancy services in UAE at reasonable and affordable price. No matter what the size of your company is, we will help you set up your offshore business in the most hassle free way.

What we offer

Carvy has professionally qualified and experienced dedicated team of personnel to cater to all your needs. We ensure to provide best quality services to our clients. We will guide you in each and every step of the business set up process and make sure that all the regulations are complied with as well as carry out the entire process in a professional and efficient manner. Carvy offers comprehensive and customizable solutions to meet the requirements of our clients. Our services include:

Facility of Registered Office with PO Box in Dubai
Acting as your Registered agent in Dubai
Getting Memorandum and Articles of Association prepared
Preparation of registration forms
Incorporation certificate
Assistance in Opening multi-currency bank account in Dubai
Registrar of Companies filing

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