JAFZA Offshore

JAFZA Offshore is one of world’s largest and fastest growing free zones. Inaugurated in 1985, it was formed to bring in more foreign investment to the country. With more than 7000 companies currently functioning, JAFZA is home for investors from across the globe.

JAFZA has its own set of rules and the companies operating in the area are non-residential organizations with a special status. These companies are formed under the JAFZA Offshore Company Regulations enforced on January 15, 2015. With its ideal location and world-class infrastructure, JAFZA has been attracting investors for setting up their business here.

Benefits of establishing an offshore company in JAFZA

  • 100% foreign ownership of the offshore company is allowed
  • There is no requirement for a UAE national shareholder or sponsor for company formation
  • Only minimum capital is needed to establish an offshore company
  • Minimum of one director or shareholder is necessary
  • Businesses are allowed to own real estate properties on Palm islands or any properties approved by the JAFZA
  • Company officers do not have a public register. Also, names shouldn’t be disclosed at the time of company registration.
  • Modern offshore legislation.
  • Business can operate multi-currency bank accounts.
  • There is no obligation to maintain records/books.
  • Exemption from all corporate and income taxes.
  • No foreign currency restrictions are applicable.
  • No restriction on profit and capital repatriation
  • Low set-up costs.
  • Since there is no onshore office, there won’t be any employees and related costs.
  • Payment of certain types of taxes on income and/or profits can be legally avoided.

Types of Offshore Company Structures

  • General Trading
  • Investments or Joint Investments Company
  • Shipping or Ship Management Company
  • Holding Company
  • Copyright or Patent Company
  • Property Owning

Free Consultation

Sojen Manjila, Partner

Are you planning to set up an offshore business in JAFZA?

In order to proceed with the procedures for setting up a business in JAFZA, the corporation must use the services of a registered agent approved by the JAFZA authorities. Carvy Consultants, being one of the leading company formation service providers in Dubai and the whole of UAE, is a registered agent with a registered office and PO box approved by the JAFZA authorities.

How can Carvy be of help?

We at Carvy, offers company formation services to our clients at the most reasonable rates but we do not compromise on the quality of our services. With extensively experienced professionals, our team can cater to all your needs in setting up an offshore business in JAFZA. We offer assistance in:

  • Preparing registration forms
  • Preparing Incorporation Certificate
  • Opening a multi-currency bank account
  • Filing applications with the registrar of Companies

Our dedicated team members have been handling the business set up formalities for years and with their experience and contacts in the industry, things will be sorted out for you swiftly. We also provide business consultancy services to accommodate the unique needs of your business. Having served in the field for years now, our professionals can be of assistance to you in every possible way. We take utmost care in handling the needs of our clients and can help you be in compliance with the rules and regulations regularly.

We also offer all kinds of accounting and auditing services to our clients, from accounting and bookkeeping to employee outsourcing and payroll management services. As our team manages to handle the procedures for setting up the offshore company in JAFZA, you can focus on the bigger project- your business.

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