Information System Audit

Information system audit

In today’s highly networked business environment everyone realizes the importance of information security. Among the most valuable assets of an enterprise we can say that information is on the first place. So it is a priority of the business owners to protect the IT system from both within and from the outside of the business. So for that the Information system audit we provide gives a comprehensive review and proper evaluation of the information system that is in the organization.

Formerly the information system audit was known as the EDP audit. However, the IT system audit is a process that basically evaluates the working of an organizations information system and carefully analyzes their practices and operations. The professionals working with us are experienced and they have a global exposure in the information system audit. At Carvy consultants all our team members have relevant experience and the expertise to provide an efficient solution.

The areas covered by us are

Applications and systems:This is to ensure that the equipment’s and the functioning of the applications are appropriate to the needs of the business. This is also to ensure that the system and applications are controlled in an efficient way.

The information processing facilities: This is an audit to ensure that the processing facility is properly controlled so that the functioning of facility is timely, accurate and is done at the time where there is a requirement for that.

The system development: This is an audit to verify that the system under the development is meeting with the objectives of an organization and also to ensure that the systems are properly developed with the generally accepted standards set for the system development.

Proper management of IT infrastructure: This audit is to ensure that the IT management has developed a structure to support the efficient functioning of the business.

The IT audit is very important for a company to be at the peace of mind knowing that all the functions are efficiently taking place. At Carvy consultants we have professionals who are experience in this regard and they provide solutions that not only help for the audit in the current scenario but also provides you suggestions and feedback to help you with your business. We will ensure that everything in your organization takes place according to the requirement that you have and also that all your information is secured and protected from intruders from within and outside the organization.

Once you hand over your task of information system audit to us, you can take a sigh of relief. You can then focus on the core areas of your business that will bring revenue to you. We have an international approach and are clearly aware of all the legal requirements that are set across the various countries and this helps us provide you a customized solutions. The IT system is heart of any organization and in order to ensure that it brings benefit to the business it is essential that all the functions are efficient and the process are smooth and controlled. Our professionals will first sit with you and discuss about the various areas of your business and after identifying the crucial and risky areas they will provide you the necessary solutions that are needed for the information system to function smoothly. We take all the efforts to ensure that our clients business reaches to the very next level. So get in touch with us and discuss with us about your next information system audit to find reliable, timely and accurate services to enhance your business needs.

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