How to Set Up Company in Dubai

Dubai is one of the 7 emirates of the UAE, and has of late become a wonderful destination to do business. Its business-friendly policies as well as strategic location further establish Dubai as a potential global base to do business. As a standard practice, anyone who wishes to set up a company in Dubai cannot have more than 49% control over its Dubai operations. Moreover, he has to have at least one local business partner who will have control over the remaining entity. To ease this out, Dubai also has set up trade free zones, where businesses can edge past all such restrictions.

Setting Up Company in Dubai

If you are wondering how to setup a company in Dubai, you must know about the process that has to be executed for it. The first step will be to determine your business type. Such types could include:

A new Limited Liability Company that has individual or multiple shareholders

A new Limited Liability Company that is owned by a Local or Foreign Entity

A subdivision of a local or foreign business group

Once you have determined the business type, you must identify the nature of your business, as, whether you intend to do business, trading, provide client services or deal in some other form of industrial business. You can also choose a company name for your business along the process

Company Licensing

Once you have decided your company’s name, type and nature, you will be ready to proceed towards the next step to set up a company in Dubai. This step will include obtaining appropriate license(s), along with the processing of all the essential paperwork, which will establish you and all your partners (if any) as stakeholders, business directors, managers, etc. The most vital paperwork you will need to have ready at the time of licensing will include:

A copy of your passport

Residence proof

Summarized format of your business plan

Details about the partners and their stake in the company

If starting a subdivision, the detailed paperwork about the parent firm

NOC from the sponsor, if any, in the UAE, as well as other associated third parties

Initial value you intend to register business in Dubai

Advantages of Setting Up Company by CARVY Dubai

Despite sounding rather simple, the entire process of setting up company in Dubai could have certain surprising roadblocks for those who are unaware about the local policies and how to go about those. This is where you can avail the benefit of expertise help by professionals at CARVY Dubai. Being active in the domain since many years, CARVY Dubai has all the right resources to help you set up your company in Dubai with least of hassle. If you happen to experience any issue in between, you can simply speak with these experts who will give you the best possible way out right away.

Whether it is about setting up your business in Dubai within the trade free zones or outside their boundaries, CARVY Dubai can lend you efficient assistance. With their aid, you will find the entire process to be a sort of cake walk for you all along.