How to Register Company in Dubai?

Over the years, Dubai has seen a rise in the number of entrepreneurs willing to register their company in Dubai. The reason for this influx of investors is the huge potential that Dubai has for these entrepreneurs.

How to Register Company in Dubai?

1. Select the Type of formation

Before registering the company, it is essential that you first select the business formation that would be the most appropriate for you. There are different types of business formations that are allowed in Dubai. These include Limited Liability Company, Offshore Company, Branch and Representative Office etc.

2. Select the type of business

After the selection of the type of formation, selecting the type of business is the next step. Each of these business formations allows different types of business that can be conducted by you in Dubai. For example, the owner of the offshore company cannot conduct business in industries like insurance, banking etc.

3. Select the Trade name

The choice of trade name would have to be in sync with the allowed names according to the type of formation. The guidelines have to be followed to ensure the approval of the application. For example, the offshore company should have a company name that has to end with Limited or LTD or LIMITED.

4. Seek the services of the consultant

In order to ensure that you register the company in Dubaiin the first go, it is advisable that you seek the services of a business setup consultant. The consultant would help you with all the prerequisites that are needed to register your company successfully. Their team of experts will ensure that all the applications are streamlined.

5. Go ahead with the approval of the applications

Once the consultant helps you with the application forms, you can now go ahead to seek approval from different authorities. In most cases, your consultant might be asked to do the same. The exact services rendered by the consultants would depend on the type of package you are asking for.