Here’s How You Set Up a Company in Dubai

Dubai today is considered to be one of the best business markets in the world. It provides excellent business opportunities to investors all across the globe. Dubai is strategically located connecting both the Asian and Western markets. The economic development and the excellent working conditions make it one of the most attractive locations for business set up and expansion in the world.

If you are interested in setting up a business in Dubai, then given below is a list of the steps that you need to follow in order to set up a business here:

The department of economic development in Dubai gives you the option of choosing a business activity from among 2000 business opportunities available here. You need to choose the appropriate business activity from these available options.

Dubai business setup services also require you to choose a trade name for your business by adhering to certain rules and regulations because if you do not, then chances are that you might be subjected to heavy fines.

In order to start up a business in Dubai, make sure that apart from the trade license, you also get the Tenancy agreement, share certificate and the certificate of incorporation. A Memorandum of Association prepared by a legal firm is also required to set up a business here. All the partners need to sign this Memorandum of Association before submitting the document.

For business set up services in Dubai, you also require the Initial approval certificate which is the no-objection certificate issued by the government of Dubai.

Therefore, it is quite clear from the above discussion that the business set up services in UAE are subject to certain guidelines but once the business is set up, you will be able to get very good returns on the investment.