Establishing your business in a Dubai free zone

Dubai is one of the major business destinations in the world. Known for its stable economy and excellent infrastructure, Dubai is home to many of the biggest companies in the world. In order to boost international business, several free zones have been devised all around this city, which offer many unique advantages to all kinds of businesses.

A free zone is an area which is governed by its own framework of rules and regulations. It enjoys special tax, import and custom regimes. Free zones in Dubai make it easier for investors and entrepreneurs to establish their business. Free zones provide an attractive business environment that is ideal for growth and expansion. The companies also enjoy common facilities at free zones.

Free zones are 100% tax free. Thus, the companies located in free zones don’t have to pay corporate tax or any other type of tax. Also, free zone companies enjoy 100% ownership. Every such company doesn’t need to search for local partners or sponsors to set up its business.

When it comes to setting up a business in a Dubai free zone, the services provided by a reliable consultancy may prove to be very useful. Right from helping a business identify a suitable free zone area to getting all the required approvals, a consultancy firm can make it much easier for the business to establish itself in Dubai.

As one of the leading management consultancies in Dubai, Carvy Consultants offers a wide range of services to businesses from all domains which intend to establish themselves in Dubai free zones. Some of the main services provided by the company include:

Making all incorporation documents available

Helping you open a bank account in UAE

Auditing and bookkeeping

Providing assistance on feasibility and project reports for the new incorporations

Offering payroll services, recruitment, accounting and much more.

With its top-quality business registration services in Dubai, Carvy Consultants makes the task of setting up a free zone company a lot easier. Equipped with the right kind of knowledge and resources, Carvy Dubai provides the right guidance and assistance which is essential required to start a new business in Dubai.