Establish Office in Ajman Free Zone to get Privilege from Tax Duties

Establish a business in Dubai at Ajman free zone as it is the best location for gaining significant benefits in future. Ajman free zone is free commerce zone handled by Ajman Free Zone Authority, an exclusive regulatory agency in Ajman. The main aim of devising this free zone was to attract international trade to offer numerous advantages to the entrepreneurs and the business owners.
Since its establishment, a fantastic growth has been seen and it has been an attraction for the large number of business owners from all around the world. Having peerless advantages, it has achieved the status of shelter for the entrepreneurs. As Ajman free zone is located between eastern and western markets, it serves as the best place for the doing your business. This free zone is in close proximity with Sharjah and Dubai, close to the entrance of the Arabian Gulf.

This gives excellent convenience to the four ports and two international airports. As every port has its own value, Ajman Port on an average serves over 1000 vessels in a year. Ajman Free Zone has gained a huge response from the new owners of the business and has been an attraction for a number of companies to open their corporate offices and business relationship centers.
This trade zone provides large business and trade advantages to the foreign investors, corporate houses, SMEs and entrepreneurs. Some of the benefits of establishing business in Ajman Free Zone in Dubai have been mentioned below:

You will get access to modern infrastructure that is already well developed

Your will gain exemption from personal income tax, import and export duties and other taxes of similar nature

You will get 100% foreign ownership and ownership of the establishing authority or company, and can avail the facilities of easy capital or profit transfer.

You can get license through quick procedures (almost within 24 hours)

You can get the advantage to expand your profit by spending less on power or electricity used, leasing facility, etc., through its competitive pricing strategy

You can easily get access to low-cost labor, one of the biggest advantages for businesses operating in all domains

For effective business transactions and less paperwork such as residency, visas, etc., you will receive one spot service

With so many pros, setting up a business office in Ajman free zone in Dubai is the best choice for you. This process can be completed easily by consulting business management consultancies, as they will guide you through the company formation procedure and help you avail benefits of having your business in Ajman Free zone.