Efficient Services for Effective Company Establishment in UAE

Among the innumerable advantages offered by UAE, state-of-the-art infrastructure, excellent business climate and liberal taxation policies top the list, thus making it one of the most favorable destinations for establishing/expanding business activities and establishing a global presence.

But setting a company in UAE is not as easy as it seems to be. There are a lot of factors that govern the establishment of a company in the UAE which need to be considered before you jump into the fray. Setting up a business in any of the seven Emirates significantly depends on the business environment, rules & regulations and the culture prevailing in that region. It is, therefore, essential to seek assistance from an expert to understand the entire formation process, identify the risks involved, formulate a proper strategy and take effective steps in setting up the business.

Management Consultancies in UAE can be of great help. They offer end-to-end quality services and customized solutions to their clients while maintaining the highest standards of excellence in their work. Backed by qualified professionals, these consultancies will not only aid in the successful completion of the legal formalities involved in company formation but also help you to swiftly sail through the entire process. Some of them may even offer extra services for smooth functioning of your organization once you have commenced your business activities in the Emirate of choice.

UAE Company Formation Services

From ideation to actual execution and final establishment, management consultancies offer end-to-end UAE company formation services. These services may include:-

Selection the right legal form

There are a number of legal forms for establishing a company in the UAE. These include forms for sole proprietorship company, partnership firms, branches of international companies, free zone companies and more. Management consultancies are well aware of all the legal forms available, and help you select the right one while bearing in mind the kind of business activities you want to conduct in the UAE.

Selection the right Trade License

Different trade licenses need to be obtained for different types of activities. Management consultancies in UAE enlighten you about these trade licenses, help you select one as per your proposed business activities and complete all the associated legal formalities for acquiring a trade license.

Preparation and Compilation of Required Documents

Paperwork is one of the most important tasks to be undertaken carefully, especially when you are starting fresh. Management consultants house a team of expert professionals who possess an in-depth knowledge of all the legalities of company formation. With years of experience in this field, they have well established links in the authorized departments and bureaus in the UAE and can help you get your business start-up documents processed and signed in the shortest possible time.

Finding a Local Sponsor

Many legal forms require participation of a local UAE national while establishing a company. Management consultancies can help you get a local UAE sponsor with a sound business background and 100 per cent authenticity.

Business Location

Yet another important aspect of setting up a business is finding a business location that will be favorable for your business activities. Management consultants can help you evaluate the pros and cons of different locations in terms of rules and regulation, customer base, workforce availability, turnover cost, profit estimations, etc. and help you finalize one.

Obtain Other Legal Documents

Apart from the trade licenses, there are a number of other legal documents that are essential to be obtained for commencing business in the UAE. These include a Certificate of Incorporation, Share Certificates and Tenancy Agreement. Management consultancies can help you get these quickly and easily.

Recruitment of Staff
Human resource recruitment is among the many services offered by management consultancies as work force is equally essential for starting a business as a trade license and an office space. They help you recruit the best professionals for your desired work positions in the shortest possible time-frame.

Apart from the above listed services, there are a host of other benefits offered by management consultancies in UAE. If you are planning to establish a venture in one of the seven Emirate states, take the help of a professional business management consultant and profit from their exceptional company formation experience. Set up your business with ease in the UAE and take your business to the next level.