Company Registration in UAE

Dubai is the most suitable place for setting up a business as it offers world class infrastructure and business friendly government policies that seek global attention. Investors across the globe have set their foot in the emirate looking for an investment opportunity. Dubai has always been supportive of the foreign investments as it benefits the country’s economy to a great extent.

The types of companies that can be set up in the Emirate are:
Mainland companies
Free zone companies
Offshore companies
One can choose the preferred location to set up the company and move on to the registration process once the type of business is finalized.

Mainland Company

As Dubai is home for various nationals, it is one of the most preferred business locations for investors. Owning a business in the Dubai mainland has become much easier with the new amendment made to the Company Law. Earlier, foreign nationals were not allowed the luxury of 100% ownership of businesses in the mainland. They had to find a local sponsor who held the major share of 51% even though the profits and losses were divided according to their will. The mainland companies have many advantages and are provided with numerous incentives.

Free Zone Company

Free zones offer 100% ownership to expatriates and has world-class infrastructure suitable for businesses. It is 100% free from taxes as well which makes it all the more attractive for investors to set up their business. It can be owned by a single owner and are allowed full profit repatriation. The Dubai free zones offer many more luxuries to the investors making it the perfect location for incorporating your business.

Offshore Company

Offshore companies are legal business entities that offer international trade facilities. They are not allowed to conduct any trade within the local UAE market and are free from taxes. The offshore companies are registered under the International Business Company (IBC). They are offered with 100% profit repatriation like free zones. The Owner can Operate an Offshore Company Bank Account with tax-free benefits.

How to register a Company in Dubai?

All the registration processes are handled by the Department of Economic Development (DED). In order to register a company in Dubai, one must secure a trade license that is issued by the DED. After choosing the type of business activity you wish to undertake, you can apply for the license that is categorized into three:

Commercial license:
Companies that wish to engage in any kind of trade can apply for a commercial license at the DED.

Professional license:
Any professionals who wish to offer their services should opt for a professional license to engage in the same.

Industrial license:
It is offered to those who wish to engage in industrial or manufacturing activities.

Once all the necessary documents related to company incorporation are submitted to the Commercial Registration Department and the fee is paid, you will be issued with your trade license that finalises the registration of the company.

Company registration requires a lot of paper works and proper knowledge on the legal procedures. It is always wise to seek professional help, especially if you are new to the Emirate. Even if it sounds easy, certain procedures must be handled professionally. Opting for a reputed business consultant will make things easier for you. They will guide in choosing the right location, handle all the legal procedures and support you to get the documentation done required for the registration of the company.

We at CARVY assure to support our clients in all possible ways by providing the best service available. Our team of experts will handle your requirements with their prowess and will guide you in setting up the company of your dreams in Dubai.

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