Company Formation in Dubai – Why opt for a Consultancy?

Dubai has always been considered as one of the most premier business destinations of the world. Company formation in Dubai has been considered as a reputable and regulated international trading solution. The tax benefits offered by the country make it a viable long term option for any visitor. Establishing a business in Dubai is a truly excellent way to legitimately earn international profits, while not having to deal with the resultant taxes.

Now, when it comes to a company formation in a new country, it is not as simple as showing up, getting premises, and beginning work. There are a lot of things that must be considered before you can actually start work at your Dubai Company. The first thing of course is to find out all about the legal premises of the country. The laws and regulations need to be checked upon, along with all the steps you need to complete for a company formation in Dubai. Even the steps that need to be followed would vary with the type of company you want to set up. They would be different for limited liability companies, and they would be different for free zone companies, as well as for offshore companies.

Other considerations like the requirement of a local entity on the board, also need to be sorted out before the set up can even begin.

All these and more are the reasons that there are a number of consultancy services are available to help people with company formations in Dubai. With the help of a consultancy service, an organization can get assistance in a number of fields which can include (but not limited to):

Identifying a local UAE national as sponsor

Assisting in identifying suitable office space

Securing all the approvals and incorporation procedures

Providing assistance in opening bank accounts

Offering full spectrum support service

Helping in arranging residence visa for the investor

Other financial services provided by consultancies also help companies outsource a number of processes, thereby decreasing their own overall work load. These services can include:

Accounting/Book keeping

Month end financials

Accounts payable outsourcing

Expense processing

Consolidation of accounts

Forecasting & projections

Verification, compilation and maintenance of property & equipment

Inventory verification and valuation

Audit assistance

Audit report preparations

HR Recruitment

Payroll outsourcing

With a team of qualified and highly experienced professionals, a consultancy service can help you establish a new business in Dubai, ensuring that all processes are kept within the regulations and laws of the country.