Business Setup in UAE Free Zones

UAE being one of the fastest growing countries in the world has attracted foreign direct investments in plenty over the years with its unique lifestyle, world-class infrastructure and strategic location. Investors are rushing into the country to set forth their business, thanks to the business-friendly government policies and regulations. Investors find business setup in UAE free zones to be really promising.


In addition to the facilities they provide, the laws allowing 100% foreign ownership has lured expatriates to enjoy the opportunities the country has to offer. Even with numerous options in and around the country, investors are marching towards the free zones to reap the advantages it offers.

Free Zones in UAE

Dubai Freezone

Abu Dhabi Freezone

Sharjah Freezone

Fujairah Freezone

RAKEZ Freezone

Ajman Freezone

Umm Al Quwain Freezone

The location of the country is the primary reason that prompted the investors to set up their businesses in and around the country. The free zones offer numerous advantages to the investors:
100% business ownership with no need for involving a local partner
100% repatriation of investments and profits
100% tax exemption
Access to multi-currency bank accounts
Liberal policies for bank account transactions
Opportunity to secure UAE residence visas
Viable business environment around all the free zones
Warehouse facilities along with virtual office facilities
Offers UAE resident visas
World-class infrastructure
Quick incorporation
No currency restrictions.

A free zone usually focuses on specific kinds of businesses, which is why it is important to do a thorough research on each free zone to know what they offer and if it suits your business. It is during such times, that you require the help of a business consultant to help you analyze the scope and possibility of your business in each free zone.

Business Setup in UAE Free Zones

While setting up a business in free zones, you should determine the type of company you wish to establish in the free zone. It could either be a new company or the branch of an existing company. In case of new companies, you can choose two options for company registration:
Free Zone Company: There can be two to five business partners in a free zone company
Free Zone Establishment: For sole proprietorship

One can proceed with the company registration process once the type of company to be established is determined. Free zones offer 100% ownership for foreign nationals, thus does not need the support of a local sponsor.

Procedures involved in UAE Free Zone Company Formation

The free zone company formation procedure begins with:
Business plan approval
Submission of necessary documents
Tenancy contract approval
Issuance of residence visa and Emirates ID

A business consultant can help you in speeding up the processes of company registration, especially in dealing with the legal formalities. They can assist you in the entire company formation procedures and also be of help in the future.

What Carvy offers
Carvy Consultants ensures to provide the best quality services and end-to-end assistance during business setup in UAE-free zones. With an extensively experienced and professionally qualified team of experts, Carvy has been offering company formation services for years now. We assist our clients in every step of their journey, beginning with:

Providing strategic inputs on identifying the suitable free zone area
Making all incorporation documents available
Getting name approvals and other ministerial approvals
Helping you open a bank account in UAE
Your local partner for all business registration and continuity
Auditing and Bookkeeping
Providing assistance on feasibility and project reports for the new incorporations
Offering Payroll services, recruitment, accounting and much more.

We aim to guide our clients in achieving their goals and to dream bigger. To know more about the company formation process in UAE free zones, contact us.

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