Business Setup in Dubai Mainland

The mainland business in Dubai opens up numerous opportunities to investors and provides them with the luxury of doing business in the local market as well as outside UAE making it the most preferred form of business jurisdiction. The only factor that held the investors back from business setup in Dubai mainland was, the need of a local sponsor who held a minimum of 51% of the company’s shares.

Mainland Company Formation in Dubai

With the amendment of the Commercial Companies Law (CCL) in 2020, the government has allowed 100% ownership of businesses to foreign expatriates. The business-friendly environment and government policies are attracting the investors more to setup a business in the Dubai mainland.

Mainland Business Setup Dubai: Types of companies

Limited Liability Company (LLC)

An LLC or Limited Liability Company is the most common type of mainland business setup in Dubai. It can be formed by a minimum of two people and with a maximum of 50 people whose liability is limited to their shares in the company. They can engage in industrial, commercial, professional and tourism business.

Joint liability company

Also called the joint venture company, it is setup through a contractual agreement between the foreign party and a local party. The share of the local party must be not less than 51% but the profits can be prescribed according to the will of both parties.

Public and Private Joint Stock Company

Divided into negotiable shares of equal value, a joint stock company’s partners are only liable to the company’s financial obligations. A private joint stock company can undertake commercial and industrial activities only whereas the public joint stock companies can take up industrial, commercial and professional business activities.

Civil company

Can be setup in partnership with professionally qualified people as business owners.

Branch of a local or GCC company

A local or GCC company’s branch can be setup in Dubai mainland.

Branch of a foreign and freezone company

The branch of a foreign company and a free zone company can be incorporated in Dubai mainland. They can carry out the businesses as mentioned in the license in the name of the parent company but is not permitted to import the products of the parent company.

Sole establishment

A sole establishment can be incorporated in the mainland and can carry out professional services such as management, medical, engineering and IT consultancies.

Advantages of business setup in Dubai Mainland

100% business ownership to foreign expatriates in selected sectors*
Can trade with other businesses in the mainland
Wider scope for business activities
Can work with UAE government bodies
Can open an office anywhere in UAE

*The selected sectors allowed with 100% foreign ownership are:
Renewable energy
Hospitality and food services
Information and communications
Professional, Scientific and Technical activities
Administrative activities
Support services
Educational activities
Art and entertainment

Some other major activities included are production of Solar panels, Power transformers, Green technology, Hybrid power plant, E-commerce transport, Supply chains, Logistics and Cold storage for pharmaceutical products.

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