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A diverse mosaic of seven emirates, United Arab Emirates is a nation that offers stellar working conditions in the whole of Middle East region.

The UAE is a veritable shrine for business opportunities, well-known for its excellent infrastructure, efficient administration and sleek licensing policy. With such eminent perks, the Emirate state has been attracting foreign investment for years and still remains unmatched as one of the most enticing and unmatched places to establish a business and gain international profits.

The UAE also enjoys advantage of its strategic geographical location, nestled between Africa, Asia and Europe, and is enveloped by equally advantageous markets. It is most celebrated for its permissive approach to businesses and favored for its regulations and liberal standards. Unlike other nations, UAE offers high business friendly environs to businesses and traders with the least amount of restrictions on operational activities and social or travelling restraints.

The Emirate serves the foreign entrepreneurs and investors like no other nation in the Middle East region. It offers the following benefits: –

No foreign exchange controls

Highly competitive import duties

No trade barriers or quotas

Highly competitive energy costs

Competitive real estate costs

High levels of liquidity and competitive financing costs

No such taxes, except in case of oil companies and some foreign banks

Real Estate

Real Estate is a prosperous and ever booming sector. Be it the construction of new industries, special economic zones or developing residential townships, growth opportunities in this sector are high.

Travel and Tourism

When it comes to travelling to the Middle East, Dubai, UAE’s second largest nation, stand atop the list followed by Abu Dhabi and Sharjah. UAE’s travel and tourism sector is booming each year, making it one of the most preferable destinations for setting up travel and tourism business. A venture in this sector can prove to be financially rewarding.

Food & Beverage

The tourism sector has bored mellow fruits for the F&B sector. With the growth in foreign tourist footfall in the Emirate state, the demand for restaurants, bars and nightclubs has increased manifolds. A business in this sector can ripe hefty profits. The sector is also among the highest employment generators of the nation.


UAE applies zero corporate, wealth, personal and capital benefit taxes. With a strategic location on the world map, the nation facilitates cross country trade. Simple rules and regulations, hassle free documentation work and years of agile experience has transformed the country into a trading powerhouse. A business opportunity in Dubai is highly fruitful for both local as well as foreign businesses.

Professional Services

Seemingly all sectors of commerce are expanding and to run them smoothly requires qualified professionals. Also, it is easy to recruit employees from all over the world in UAE. Popular sectors include teaching, nursing, hospitality and marine engineers.

Financial services

Since there are plentiful large-scale businesses in the UAE, there is a proportionately high demand for professionals who can offer financial services to companies. These services include accounts and financial management, bookkeepers, auditors and more. Businesses who have a strong background in any of the financial specialties, they can make huge profits by starting a business which offers financial services to businesses in the UAE.

Health Care

Healthcare facilities are among the basic facilities a country must have for the well being of its people. With people becoming more health conscious day-by-day, there is a high demand for professional health care facilities and service providers. This is yet another sector that promises hefty profits.


There are wide range of business opportunities in UAE within the transportation sector because of the ever-increasing demand for logistics. Investors have the option of starting a cab company, 3PL venture or trans-city transport service company.

At Carvy Consultants, we analyze the existing business conditions and lend expert guidance to our customers in making the most of business opportunities in UAE and successfully establishing a company across the land. Being a leading business management consultant in the Gulf region, we ensure that our services are both strategic and methodical, and they are provided keeping in mind the specific requirements of our clients and their future growth prospects in the market.

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