Assurance Services

We Carvy consultants are a very well known name among the business advisors because of the many years of experience and the expertise that we posses in assurance services and all other types of financial services.

Most of our clientele is from the UK and the US, and we provide our services across the globe. Our global presence helps out clients with the mergers and acquisition services, restructuring and disposal services. We closely work with our clients in order to help them with the points like:

Help them to develop the right strategy before they start the dealing

Help the clients to identify various points that help them in the bargaining process

Seamlessly help them execute the deals

Help them with implementing the various changes for improvements after the deal is done

We have a global approach and provide our clients with the needed technical tools, help with the business development and list of contacts that help them improve their business in their region. In order to help our clients to improve their value and get benefit in the transaction our expert team of professionals implement excellent strategies that are full proof and tried and tested approach. We help our clients with all the process and we sit with them to plan out an effective strategy and help them right through the execution as well.

Our Due Diligence services

In very clear words, due diligence is a precaution that a company takes before they enter into a transaction or an agreement with another business or another party. This process requires the services of professionals like us as it is important that the relevant information and the financial details be analyzed, reviewed, and verified in a professional manner. In this process all the financial issues are assessed and other major concerns are taken care of that could hinder the business. Every business involved in the due diligence should professionally get all the information verified so that there is no loss on both the ends. It is also important so that the risk management objectives and the governance requirements are fulfilled.

We assist in various types of due diligence services like:

Human resources

Accounting and financial due diligence

Due diligence in information technology and various other such services

The approach we take for Due Diligence

Our professionals develop a program that specifies the purpose of acquisition, the objectives and the critical goals

We select the team of professionals who possess the right knowledge and also the right kind of experience in the field to handle certain situations

We help the clients to set up a criteria based on which the information can be collected and retained

In order to complete each step of the assignment we make sure to have a streamlined approach and follow the steps in orderly manner

We take the process of conversion of documents and analysis of documents in a very serious way. We make sure that all the processes are meticulously taken care of

Before we issue our report in writing we make sure to regularly communicate about the various issues as and when we observe it

Along with these processes, in our assurance services we also provide the services of Business valuations, Fraud and forensic investigations, restructuring of business, liquidation services and services like these.Our assurance services are not limited to any country; we provide our services on a global scale and implement the international standards in our work procedure. All our services are full proof and we ensure to implement proper measures so that our clients experience smooth transformation to success.

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