Asset Management

Asset management comes into play here. It involves fixing an identification tag to an asset, that is tangible. Fixed asset tagging system involves a unique ID, barcode/ QR code equivalent of the ID, company name and logo, which is usually made of paper, polyester, plastic or metal.

Organizations that have huge assets and inventory find it extremely difficult to keep a proper track of them and even the owners of the company may not have a definite idea about the number and location of their assets. The details regarding asset data might be entered in various databases, ERPs and spreadsheets and managed by disparate groups, which makes the task of asset tracking even more tedious.

Asset tagging and tracking system will give you a precise understanding of your assets; what assets you have, number and where they are located. The details regarding each and every asset of your company are at your fingertips.

Asset management and inventory verification process / software lets you,

Monitor physical assets and in ventory

Track serial or model numbers with the help of barcode tags like RFID tags, Void tags, Metal tags.

Secure your assets and inventory

Make more informed decisions regarding physical inventory

Track the movement of assets

Prevent misappropriation of assets

Simplify documentation

Tracking assets using tags are faster, economical and more accurate when compared to manual tracking process. Organizations that have fewer assets can manage without tagging or equipping their own employees with the responsibility of tagging assets.  But that is not the case with enterprises that have hundreds or even thousands of assets, that are spread across different locations.

Approaching an organization that offers asset management services and software will not only speed up the process but also help you get rid of a fatiguing task.

Carvy Consultants will help you manage and track your assets professionally across diverse sectors, from healthcare and education to utility and telecom. We will enable your organization to pinpoint the location of any asset within a matter of seconds. We also help you locate unused, missing and obsolete assets if any.

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