Account Payable and Outsourcing

We, Carvy consultants specialize to meet specific needs related to your business, allowing you to take advantage from your management time while you can focus on your more important things as the turnaround time, accuracy, business information and documents and other vital processes related to your business.

Account Payable and Outsourcing Services

We have skilled teams in handling your accounting and BPO services. So we enhance your business through our services in:

Reducing your operating costs

Well trained and dedicated accounting staff

Applying our many years of accounting services to give advantage to your business

We take advantage of our international exposure and apply the experience gained by working with the major companies from across the globe

Carvy Accounting services

We provide dedicated accounting services to the business organizations. Our experts are always up to date with the latest technology and software and so provide you solutions that are technology driven. This helps to make your work efficient and provide you smooth solutions. Our accounting services include:

Support for audit

Analysis and preparation of financial statement

Payroll and bookkeeping services

Tax form/filling preparation

Reconciliation and data compilation

We have our specialized teams who are experts in Microsoft dynamics, SAP, QuickBooks and many more innovative technologies. We provide our services on a global level and so we provide our services with international standard.

Our specialized Business Process outsourcing services

If you are planning to enhance your business solutions then you are at the right place. We provide our diverse range of BOP services to the many industries across the globe. We are an experienced BPO service provider and we serve in the areas like document processing, accounting, publishers, financial services firms, and services for financial institutions, information and other business around the world. We have long experience with services like:

Database management: – In this segment, we create, compile and maintain the complex financial, legal and business databases. We have specialized staff that goes through thorough training in order to accomplish this task efficiently.

Management of documents: – We provide excellent document processing and document management services for publishers, mortgage services and other information businesses.

Services for publisher program management: – We provide the services of overall program management and the latest technology needed to create various publications for submission, approval and editing.

Global reach

The team working with us in this field has exposure to the international market, and they have in-depth knowledge of their field. It is their professional training and years of experience in this field that makes them super efficient in this task. All our members are professionally trained and due to their international exposure we are in a position to provide our services on a global scale. Maximum numbers of our clients are from the UK and US.

Our unique strategy

Our strategy is to make use of the latest technology and provide efficient solutions that take our clients business to the next level in their performance and revenue. Our main goal is that the process of our clients improves and also cost is reduced in their day to day work. We realize that our client’s requirements vary from business to business and form country to country and this is the reason why we first take time to listen to our clients and then after carefully analyzing their situation we provide an effective solution for them. We not only help our clients with just the Accounting & BPO services but we also provide them valuable information that helps them to take critical decisions for their business.

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