A Major Change in UAE’s Week-off Policy

The UAE has become the first country in the world to adopt a four and half-day work week. With the dawn of 2022, the country will witness this game-changing move and it surely is to bring in numerous positive aspects with regard to the workplace morale of employees and the business environment in the country.

Contrary to the current 2 days week-off policy, employees in government sector can enjoy an additional half-day leave, which totals to 2 and a half days week-off. Saturday and Sunday will be full day off and on Fridays the working hours will be from 7.30 am-12 pm. People can also work from home on Fridays, if they wish to.
The decision “will better align the Emirates with global markets, reflecting the country’s strategic status on the global economic map”, the UAE Government Media Office said. The new long weekend will “boost productivity and improve work-life balance”.

The initiative will help in increasing work-life balance of employees in UAE and also provide the country with a chance to align more closely with international markets.

As of now, the law will be applicable to only government sector firms; private companies can make their own decision. According to official statements “the private sector is not obliged to follow the same system. Private companies and businesses are governed by the new labour law, which grants them that flexibility,”