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Auditing is one of the most essential features of an entity. It is the independent examination of financial information of any organization. It helps to know the company’s financial position and helps to be in regular compliance with the governmental and organizational policies.

In UAE, for organizations to function, submission of audit reports every year is made mandatory. Carvy Consultants offer cost-effective and quality audit outsourcing services to all. We provide auditing services within the country as well as across the globe. A majority of our clients are from UK and US.

Our professionally qualified and skillful auditors have deep knowledge in the field and offers world-class auditing services to our clients. Our auditors can easily analyze the working of your organization with their extensive expertise. All the queries related to the functioning of your entity can be answered by our experts:

  • Is your existing accounting system capable to track the expenditure by category, project, class, the nature of work and the project?
  • Is there a chance of fraud and what are the risks involved?
  • Is your accounting system capable to record the financial transactions in an accurate and a prompt way?
  • Is the existing accounting system capable enough to compare the actual budget with the expenditure?
  • Are all the assets in your company safe and are protected from any misuse?

We at Carvy ensures to provide you with accurate audit reports after careful examination of the financial transactions made by the company. We try to analyze and understand the operations of your company, the processes involved, identify theft or fraudulent practices if any and the overall functioning of your organization. Our professionals will check and make sure that the company is in compliance with the governmental and organizational policies and regulations. We provide necessary suggestions for improvement and make sure adequate results are formed.

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IT Systems audit

Most businesses make use of IT systems for their functioning and believes to have accurate data. But, in reality a proper audit must be made to ensure the proper functioning of your IT systems, which in turn will result in the overall improvement of your organization’s functions. Businesses invest a lot of money and time in maintaining these systems for maximum efficiency.

Our audit experts at Carvy can do regular audits on your IT systems to ensure the proper functioning of the systems and that these systems are providing expected results to the organization. Regular audits in the IT systems can help in the organization’s overall growth. Our auditors can also provide you with suggestions for improvement.

Why Carvy

We have experienced professionals with global exposure to implement international standards to organizations across the globe. With our efficient audit team, we aim for the growth of our clients, through business functionality and check whether they are in compliance with the local rules and regulations.

We begin our audits by working with our clients to understand the important departments and identify the risk zones. We offer them with necessary suggestions for improvement and audit services to overcome the risks. Our chartered accountants can help your organizations to have steady growth without falling off.

Carvy ensures that our clients are not just assisted with their current issues but also look into the scope for risk in the future. Carvy also offers a range of accounting and auditing services to help with your business. We are registered auditors under the Ministry of Commerce, UAE which allows us to carry out our operations under the Commercial Company Law.

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